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Feb. 16, 2018, 4:17 PM

The Importance of Good Nutrition for the Elderly 

Elderly people are at a higher risk of becoming malnourished, due to the increased likelihood of them having pre-existing conditions—such as dementia, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and depression—or as a side effect of medication they are taking. Research conducted by BAPEN between ...

Feb. 02, 2018, 3:37 PM

What are the benefits of choosing transport as an addition to my loved one’s home care package?

Care for elderly loved ones goes beyond just help in the household and with personal care.  They need support to help them keep pursuing social activities outside the home, and to be prepared in case they need to visit a GP at short notice or go to the hospital. Many care homes and domiciliary care ...

Jan. 24, 2018, 5:47 PM

5 Daily Habits to Reduce Stiffness

One of the most frequent questions I get asked around this time of year is:

Jan. 24, 2018, 5:40 PM

How Can Domiciliary Care Improve Well-being for those Suffering with Diabetes?

Diabetes can affect people at any age, but a large proportion of newly diagnosed diabetes is amongst the elderly and their treatment requires a unique approach due to susceptibility to illness; impaired physical functioning; difficulty in adapting to a diet and age-related changes that make ...

Jan. 24, 2018, 5:34 PM

How To Stay Warm This Winter

Winter can be a tough time for many of us. The cold weather leads to higher levels of hospitalisation than at any other point in the year. Illness can be far more dangerous in these colder months; extra hazards such as icy walkways are present and Seasonal Affective Disorder, otherwise known as ...

Jan. 24, 2018, 5:27 PM

The Importance of CQC Registration

There are over 8,000 domiciliary care agencies in the UK, however, not all of them are CQC-registered. CQC registration can greatly impact the transparency, and more importantly, the quality of care delivered by an agency. Agencies which are not registered often don’t accept any liability when a ...

Jan. 24, 2018, 5:25 PM

A Guide to Respite Care with Cera

Respite care refers to the temporary care that can be provided by domiciliary care providers or residential care homes, in order to allow regular family carers to take a break. This decision will depend on the carer’s  needs as well as their loved one’s condition and support needs. There are ...

Jan. 24, 2018, 5:13 PM

Guide to Private Nursing

Private nurses are registered professionals who are trained and educated to perform a variety of medical procedures. Private nursing is a great option for those who need extra care and medical attention after an accident or due to a long-term condition. Cera has prepared a short guide to explain ...

Jan. 19, 2018, 10:48 AM

You're Getting Old. Rest And Take Painkillers

This is what Sally, 59 from Balham, was told when she went for a consultation with her GP about her back pain before coming to see me. Getting older is blamed for a lot of medical problems but back pain should not be one of them. If getting older meant that you were inevitably going to be in pain ...

Jan. 12, 2018, 6:14 PM

Cera's Guide to Live In Care

When considering care for elderly relatives, your first thought may be a care home. However, live in care can be a cheaper and more comprehensive care option. Although there are certain requirements to be eligible to have this type of care, the majority of people are able to accommodate live in ...